Monday, December 29, 2008

Broomstick by Paul McCartney – **

First released: 1997

One of the many "Oobu Joobu" b-sides from "Flaming Pie", but the song originates long before from about 1986 and also 1995. It’s nothing much from Paul and is probably why it remained in the can for so long.

Broadcast, The by Paul McCartney - ***

First released: 1979

Kind of a strange track from "Back to the Egg". Ian Hay provides a narration over a violin piece. I don’t know what Paul was thinking with this, but it is pleasant enough.

Broad Street Theme by Paul McCartney – ***

First released: 1984

Paul's theme from "Give My Regards to Broad Street", silly.

Bring on the Lucie (Freeda Peeple) by John Lennon – **

First released: 1973

Kind of a bland song from a bland album by John Lennon’s "Mind Games". The 2002 CD reissue has a demo version that’s no better. A remixed version is on the import only "Peace, Love & Truth" from 2005. There’s also a demo version released on 1998’s "The John Lennon Anthology".

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bring it to Jerome by Paul McCartney – **

First released: 2002

Paul sang this a few times as a soundcheck during his "Back in the US" tour. Later it was added to the DVD concert film.

Bring it On Home to Me by John Lennon - ***; by Paul McCartney - ***

First released: 1975

Sam Cooke wrote and had the original 1962 hit of this classic song that Lennon covered for his "Rock ‘n’ Roll" album. On Lennon’s version, he coupled it with "Send Me Some Lovin’". There’s also a demo version released on 1998’s "The John Lennon Anthology". In 1988, McCartney did his version for the "Choba B CCCP" album.

Bridge Over Troubled Water by George Harrison – (NR)


George performed a version of this classic Simon & Garfunkel song with Paul Simon for a "Saturday Night Live" rehearsal in 1976, and later Paul performed it live with Simon in 2001. Too bad they didn’t add it as an extra when the second season of "Saturday Night Live" was issued onto DVD in 2007. As a result, I have not heard George’s version of this classic song.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bridge On the River Suite by Paul McCartney – ***

First released: 1974

The b-side to James McCartney’s "Walking in the Park With Eloise". It is another instrumental. There was nothing about Paul’s composition to lead one to believe that this was supposed to be a companion piece as it just is a heavy bass-laden track that could have fit on any other album. It was released as by The Country Hams, and later was added to the CD of "Wings at the Speed of Sound" as a bonus track.

"Brian was a beautiful guy...he presented us well" by The Beatles – ***

First released: 1995

Snippet of 1971 Lennon interview included on "Anthology 1".

Brian Epstein Blues by The Beatles – **


Unreleased Beatles jam dating from 1968. I’m not particularly fond of most Beatles jams and this is one of them.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Breath Away From Heaven by George Harrison – ***

First released: 1986

Still another "Shanghai Surprise" track salvaged for "Cloud Nine" by George. I’m not as big of fan of this tune as it kind of drags, but since it is sandwiched between "Wreck of the Hesperus" and "Got My Mind Set On You", a slower paced tune is welcome.

Brandy by Ringo Starr – **

First released: 1994

Originally recorded and left off of Ringo’s "Stop and Smell the Roses" album in 1981, but added to the 1994 CD reissue. It’s an average sounding song and completely understandable why it was left off the original LP.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Brainwashed" by George Harrison – ****

First released: 2002

Here’s the backstory. George Harrison released "Cloud Nine" in 1987 and achieved a comeback he never envisioned. He expanded on this comeback by creating The Traveling Wilburys and going on a brief tour in Japan in 1991. The pressure caused him to start smoking again as he was never entirely comfortable with being in the public eye. Then 1994-1996 were basically Beatles years working on and participating in the "Anthology" series, all the while recording the odd track or two. Then he was diagnosed with throat cancer, then it went into remission, then he was stabbed in 1999 and soon afterward the cancer came back. He was working on many projects up to his death at the end of 2001, one of which was one more solo album release.

After George’s death, his son Dhani finished everything up with the help of Jeff Lynne and in 2002, this fine album emerged with vocals dating back to the early 90s. My only complaint is that I wished that they had added "Horse to the Water". Let’s hope that this isn’t the last we’ll hear from The Estate of George Harrison.

Brainwashed by George Harrison – ****

First released: 2002

A fitting conclusion to a fine George Harrison album. This title track continues George’s ongoing cynicism about life in general.

"Boys, what I was thinking..." by The Beatles – ****

First released: 1995

The "boys" appear on "The Morcambe and Wise Show" in 1963 and a comical interview segment appears before launching into "Moonlight Bay" on "Anthology 1". Video footage of this segment appears on the "Anthology" film.

Boys by The Beatles - ****

First released: 1963

Originally recorded by the girl group The Shirelles, Ringo takes his first recorded lead vocal with The Beatles and doesn’t bother to change the lyrics. So, it is quite amusing to hear heterosexual Ringo singing the praises of “boys”. This was always a good crowd pleaser and was Ringo’s sole singing contribution on radio and in concert until Lennon and McCartney composed "I Wanna Be Your Man" for him the following year. A 1964 live version appears on "Anthology 1" in 1995. A 1963 radio version appears on the b-side of the 1994 single of "Baby It's You" and not on "Live at the BBC".

When Ringo returned to regular performing in 1989, Boys became part of his regular repertoire and the song has since appeared on many of his Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band compilations. Different live versions appear on "Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band Volume 2 Live From Montreux" in 1993, "Ringo Starr and His Third All-Starr Band Volume 1" from 1997, 2000’s "The Anthology…So Far", 2004’s "Live 2003" and 2007's "Live at Soundstage".

Borrowed Time by John Lennon – ***

First released: 1984

Next to "Nobody Told Me", this seems like the most fully realized song from John and Yoko’s "Milk and Honey" album. There none of the persistent jabbering that occurs on "I’m Stepping Out" and "I Don’t Want to Face it", and it doesn’t sound like it’s recorded on a cassette like "Grow Old With Me". It probably would have remained unchanged had Lennon lived. It was the second or third single depending on what country you’re from and it’s on 1990’s "Lennon", "Lennon Legend" from 1997, and "Working Class Hero" from 2005. There’s also a demo version released on 1998’s "The John Lennon Anthology".

"Born to Boogie" (feature) by Ringo Starr – (NR)

First released: 1972

Ringo’s directorial debut about the phenomenon of T.Rex aka Marc Bolan, known primarily for "Get it On (Bang a Gong)" in the US, he had a lot more hits and success in the UK and died in a car crash in 1977. This film is a true treat for T.Rex fans with ample amounts of live footage. It came out on DVD in 2005, and admittedly I haven’t seen it. Ringo also has a small cameo as well.

Born in a Prison by John Lennon – **

First released: 1972

Yoko howls this tune from her and John’s "Some Time in New York City" album. It has a pretty good message, but is not one of Yoko’s best moments, even on HER standards.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Boris the Spider by John Entwistle – ***

First released: 1997

A live version by John Entwistle appears on "Ringo Starr and His Third All-Starr Band Volume 1" from 1997 (this version reissued on 2000’s "The Anthology…So Far"). This is one of the funniest songs The Who ever performed, originally released back in 1968 on their "A Quick One" LP.

Boogie Woogie by The Beatles – *


John fooling around on the piano on the 1969 "Get Back" sessions. Nothing great at seven seconds.

Bony Moronie by John Lennon - ***

First released: 1975

Larry Williams wrote and recorded this song in 1957, which Lennon performs, for his "Rock ‘n’ Roll" covers album. I’ve always felt that it was the same tune as "Summertime Blues", but this song came first.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Boil Crisis by Paul McCartney – **


A kind of a gross and stupid song about a man having a boil, that doesn’t even sound like Paul singing. Wings recorded it many times, but I think it was the 1977 or 1978 version that was supposed to be on the unreleased "Cold Cuts" album.

Bogey Wobble by Paul McCartney – **


An unreleased companion instrumental of sorts that was going to be on "McCartney II" in 1980. Very strange sounding, but not essential.

Bogey Music by Paul McCartney – ***

First released: 1980

A real humorous treat for me from "McCartney II". Most may scoff at how ridiculous this song was, but I’ve always had a soft spot for it. Certainly better than the unreleased "All You Horseriders", which could have been on this album.

Boat Song, The by John Lennon – (NR)


Unreleased Lennon track dating from circa 1979. I haven't heard it.

Boat Song, The by John Lennon – (NR)


Unreleased Lennon track dating from circa 1979. I haven't heard it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boat Ride by Ringo Starr – **

First released: 1977

Ringo as Scouse from "Scouse the Mouse" singing about how exciting his boat trip is. Unfortunately, this song isn’t.

Bo Diddley – all versions – ***


Many versions of the classic song by Bo Diddley include The Beatles during their "Get Back" sessions in 1969, Harrison in 1987 live version with Taj Mahal on vocals, and I believe I have a version featuring McCartney and others from 1979.

Blues Improvisation by John Lennon – **


Unreleased Lennon jam from late 1969, that was just him playing about while he and Yoko were in Canada.