Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thank You Darling by Paul McCartney – ***


Paul and Linda share lead vocals on this cover from 1972. The version I have heard has them both giggling about half way through, so I don't think this was ever given serious consideration for release.

Tequila by John Lennon – ***; by Paul McCartney – ***


Lennon performed this during live rehearsals in 1972 and McCartney performed this during live rehearsals in 1991. The song was originally by The Champs and popularized many years later by Pee-Wee Herman.

Tennessee by The Beatles – ***; by John Lennon – ***


The Beatles and Lennon performed version of this song in 1969 during the "Get Back" sessions and 1971, respectively.

Ten Years After on Strawberry Jam by Paul McCartney – (NR)


Paul and Linda McCartney song given to Scaffold in 1974. It is unknown whether there is a McCartney version. I haven't heard it.

Temporary Secretary by Paul McCartney – ****

First released: 1980

The second UK single from "McCartney II". It's catchy and strange and definitely not the stuff that hits are made of. I like it, but then again I like "You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)". There were worse tracks from the "McCartney II" sessions, the b-side being one ("Secret Friend"). Later, McCartney created an all-new mix (called "Radio Slave Re-Edit") of this as a special limited edition promo record that later appear in an "Uncut" magazine compilation CD.

Tell Me Why by The Beatles – ****

First released: 1964

Another great bouncy tune from "A Hard Day’s Night" with prominent Lennon vocals.

Tell Me What You See by The Beatles – ***

First released: 1965

Although I dissed George for issuing lesser material like "You Like Me Too Much", "Tell Me What You See", written by the seasoned John Lennon, isn’t much better. No wonder it was thrown on the non-soundtrack side of "Help!" I do like the organ playing throughout, however.

Tell Me What Happened to You by George Harrison – ***


George Harrison outtake from the "All Things Must Pass" sessions from 1970.

Tell Me If You Can by Tony Sheridan – ***

First released: 1996

Song written by Tony Sheridan and Paul in 1962, but not recorded until 1995.

Teddy Boy by The Beatles – **; by Paul McCartney – ***

First released: 1970

Although I like this song very much for the first solo "McCartney" album, apparently John didn’t as evidenced by his square dance calls on the version appearing on "Anthology 3" in 1996. Otherwise, it probably would have ended up on "Abbey Road". I could have sworn I have heard a more polished Beatles version somewhere, but this is not the version appearing on "Anthology".

Tears of the World by George Harrison – ***

First released: 2004

This song was originally recorded and rejected for "Somewhere in England" in 1981. The powers-that-be at Warner Bros. thought this track a little lightweight for a George Harrison LP. As a result, it never saw official release until the George Harrison remasters of 2004, and then it inexplicably ended up on the "33 1/3" release from 1976! It is a nice pleasant tune and certainly should have been released at the time, but I guess Warners wanted something meatier.

Teardrops by George Harrison – ***

First released: 1981

This has been mentioned in various publications as being almost Elton John like. It is George Harrison and it does sound like a relative of "Snookeroo". Very bouncy. This was the follow up single to "All Those Years Ago", but amazingly the song didn’t even chart! I thought it was good, but I never heard it on the radio at all.

Tea For Two by The Beatles – ***


The Beatles performed a version of this old standard during their 1969 "Get Back" sessions.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Taxman by The Beatles – ****

First released: 1966

The opener for The Beatles’ "Revolver" album and what an opener! It also appears a decade later on "The Best of George Harrison". A demo version appears on "Anthology 2" in 1996.

Also performed on George Harrison’s "Live in Japan" album and tour in 1991 using the same sound effects as the studio track, but the names have been changed to Reagan and Bush from Wilson and Heath.

Taste of Honey, A by The Beatles – ***

First released: 1963

Since I was familiar with the Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass version of this song before I heard The Beatles version, I thought The Beatles version was too slow. I even heard Allan Sherman’s "A Waste of Money" before hearing The Beatles’ version. This Scott/Marlow tune ended up on "Please Please Me" and "The Beatles (EP)".

The Beatles performed it live on "Live at the Star-Club, Hamburg 1962" in 1977. A radio version from 1963 appears on 1994's "Live at the BBC".

Tango All Night by Ringo Starr – **

First released: 1977

The less said about this the better. “Ayayayayaya” is right. Ringo attempts to be “hip” on "Ringo the 4th". “Mamber”? “Hercienda”? Good Spanish, Ringo…

Tandoori Chicken by George Harrison – ***

First released: 1971

George and Ronnie Spector wrote and recorded this single.

Talkin’ ‘Bout You by The Beatles – ***


One of the few BBC recordings that still has not seen the official light of day. It's a Chuck Berry tune that The Beatles recorded in 1963.

Talk More Talk by Paul McCartney – ***

First released: 1986

Some VERY British commentary opens this track. The accents are one step away from being completely intelligible, but I like the invention that this track hold with the interesting sounds throughout, from Paul's "Press to Play".

Taking a Trip to Carolina by The Beatles – ***

First released: 2003

A demo snippet is featured on 2003's "Fly on the Wall".

Takin’ Care of Business by Randy Bachman – ****

First released: 2000

A live version by Randy Bachman appears on 2000’s "The Anthology…So Far".

Take This Hammer by The Beatles – ***


Another song performed by The Beatles during their 1969 "Get Back" sessions.

Take the Long Way Home by Roger Hodgson – ***

First released: 2002

A live version by Roger Hodgson appears on "Ringo & His New All-Starr Band".

Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby (aka If You Love Me Baby) by The Beatles – ***

First released: 1964

Another one of those Tony Sheridan/Beatles recordings dating from 1961.

Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go) by George Harrison – (NR)


George performed a version of this song in 1988.

Take It Away by Paul McCartney – ****

First released: 1982

The second single from Paul's "Tug of War", and a cool one at that. The original album version seques from "Tug of War", but the single and 2001's "Wingspan" versions do not.

Take Her Back Jack by Paul McCartney – (NR)


Unreleased McCartney song dating from 1980.

Take Good Care of My Baby by The Beatles – ***

First released: 1981

One of the many songs The Beatles performed for their Decca audition in 1962.

Tabla and Pakavaj by George Harrison – **

First released: 1968

Another track from George’s "Wonderwall Music". This one sounds like a typical track found on an Indian album, or the opening tracks from "Concert For Bangla Desh".