Tuesday, December 22, 2009

God by John Lennon – ****

First released: 1970

Lennon’s version of "Hey Jude" in that the “I don’t believe” section kind of reminds me of the latter’s “Na, na, na, na, na, na, na” section. Lennon doesn’t believe in anything much except himself and Yoko. Must be nice. It’s still a great song. From "John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band". Also released on the "Imagine: John Lennon" soundtrack from 1988, 1990’s "Lennon", "Working Class Hero" from 2005, 2006’s "Remember", and "The U.S. vs. John Lennon" from 2006. A demo version appears on 1998’s "The John Lennon Anthology" and "Wonsaponatime" and on 2004’s "Acoustic".

Go Your Own Way by George Harrison – (NC)


Unreleased Harrison sung tune by Alexander dating from 1977. I haven’t heard it.

Go Now by Denny Laine – ***

First released: 1976

A live version was performed by Wings and released on "Wings Over America" in 1976. Originally, it was recorded in 1965 when Laine was part of The Moody Blues.

Glasses by Paul McCartney – ***

First released: 1970

Another instrumental from McCartney, couple with "Hot As Sun". A little snippet of Paul's unreleased "Suicide" appears at the end of the song.

Glass Onion by The Beatles – ****

First released: 1968

For those disappointed that The Beatles discarded their psychedelia after the triumphs of "Sgt. Pepper" and "Magical Mystery Tour" need look no further than this “White Album” track. Filled with swirling violins and lyrical imagery, my only complaint is that the track is at 2:17 a bit too short. Outtakes abound with different sound effects and if one could edit all those together, maybe I could get what I want. Two different demo versions are included on "Anthology 3" in 1996. It is also used for 2006's "Love".

Glass Box by George Harrison – ***

First released: 1968

Another track from George’s "Wonderwall Music".

Glamorous Life, The by Shiela E. – ****

First released: 2002

Different live versions by Sheila E. appear on 2002’s "Ringo & His New All-Starr Band", 2003’s "Extended Versions", 2004’s "Tour 2003" and the "Live 2006" album from 2008.

Glad All Over by The Beatles - ***

First released: 1994

Not the Dave Clark Five number, but rather a 1957 Carl Perkins song performed by The Beatles in 1963 radio version that appears on 1994's "Live at the BBC". And, hot dog dilly, George played it live with Perkins in 1985 on "Blue Suede Shoes: A Rockabilly Session".

Givin’ Grease a Ride by Paul McCartney – **


Paul McCartney song given to his brother Mike in 1974. It is unknown whether there is a Paul version. I haven't heard it.

Give Us a Chord Roy by Paul McCartney – (NC)


Song demoed by Paul in 1978 and 1980. I haven’t heard it.

Give Peace a Chance by John Lennon – ****

First released: 1969

As said in other books, this is more of a chant than a true song, but it performed quite well as John Lennon’s first solo single. A live version appeared shortly thereafter on "The Plastic Ono Band – Live Peace in Toronto 1969" album released in 1970. A severely shortened version and also a live edit version (called "Give Peace a Chance: Reprise") made it onto Lennon’s "Shaved Fish" album in 1975. The first album release for the full-length version was on 1982’s "The John Lennon Collection", the "Imagine: John Lennon" soundtrack from 1988, 1990’s "Lennon", "Lennon Legend" from 1997, and "Working Class Hero" from 2005. "The U.S. vs. John Lennon" version from 2006 contains dialogue from the film.

Lennon also performed this live in 1972 and this version was released in 1986 on "Live in New York City". I believe it is this version that the live edit came from. This version was also on "Instant Karma" from 2001. The import only collection called "Peace, Love & Truth" from 2005 contains two interesting variations with new rapping and singing by others with the original chorus line intact. One is called "Give Peace a Chance Remix 2005" (Featuring the Voices of Asia) and the other is "Give Peace a Chance Y2K". There is also a remixed version of the original track included as well. There’s also a demo version released on 1998’s "The John Lennon Anthology".

Paul plays it live as part of a John Lennon medley in 1990 on the b-side of "All My Trials" CD single along with "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "Help!" and later as a medley with "A Day in the Life" on 2009’s "Good Evening New York City".

"Give My Regards to Broad Street" (feature) by Paul McCartney – *

First released: 1984

Dreadful, absolutely awful feature film that was a vanity piece for McCartney that makes "Magical Mystery Tour" look good. Unlike that film, McCartney chose to recreate Beatles, Wings and solo songs plus a couple of new ones, in a series of boring videos. The plot as such concerns some ex-con on McCartney’s staff that supposedly stole the tapes of his latest album, and so McCartney proceeds to re-record some of them which doesn’t make much sense as he begins to re-record old Beatles tunes. Ringo is along for the ride, but doesn’t contribute much here in regards to acting or playing.

The highlight (if there is one) is the "Eleanor’s Dream" sequence.

"Give My Regards to Broad Street" by Paul McCartney – **

First released: 1984

Equally dismal soundtrack to an awful film and the true beginning of McCartney’s troubles. If the teaming of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder were considered career killers, this was the final nail in the coffin. The album sports three all-new tracks (four if you count the CD): "No More Lonely Nights", "Not Such a Bad Boy", "No Values" and "Goodnight Princess". Of the four, "Lonely Nights" is not bad and was a hit single, "Bad Boy" could have been released as a follow up single, but McCartney chose to move on to another film project "Spies Like Us". The rest of the songs, including the Beatles, Wings and solo remakes are dispensable. Buy the originals or a good greatest hits compilation.

Give Me Something by Yoko Ono – ****

First released: 1980

Another great Yoko track from John and Yoko’s "Double Fantasy", but a bit short. Naysayers would probably shout, “Shorter, shorter!”.

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) by George Harrison – ****

First released: 1973

One of the all time great George Harrison tunes, it ranks up there with his best like "Something" or "Here Comes the Sun" and is easily the best thing on the "Living in the Material World" album. It also easily climbed to number one as a single. I could listen to this one over and over. This was another one of many Beatles solo tunes that I didn’t know who did it, but remember hearing it a lot and liking it when I was a wee lad of six during the summer of 1973. Later, it was included on "The Best of George Harrison" and 2009’s "Let it Roll – Songs by George Harrison". Also performed on George Harrison’s "Live in Japan" album and tour in 1991.

Give Me Back the Beat by Ringo Starr – ***

First released: 2005

Almost note for note remake of "Fading In, Fading Out" from the same album by Ringo, "Choose Love"! It’s also on 2008’s "5.1".

Give Me Back My Dynamite by George Harrison – ***

First released: 1969

George Harrison composition from Doris Troy’s Apple album. I don’t know if there is a George version.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Give It a Try by Ringo Starr – ***

First released: 2008

Good track from Ringo’s "Liverpool 8".

Give Ireland Back to the Irish by Paul McCartney – ***

First released: 1972

The a-side of the single is Paul's first protest song and was finally released on album on the UK CD reissue of "Ram" in 1993. The instrumental b-side to "Give Ireland Back to the Irish", but with different instrumentation, so it is worth a listen for that. When the McCartney remastered CDs were issued in the UK with more bonus tracks, this version was left off and is still in CD limbo.

Give a Little Bit by Roger Hodgson – ***

First released: 2002

A live version by Roger Hodgson appears on "Ringo & His New All-Starr Band". The song was originally a hit for Hodgson in 1977 when he was a member of Supertramp.

Girls Talk by Dave Edmunds – ***

First released: 1993

A live version by Dave Edmunds appears on "Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band Volume 2 Live From Montreux" in 1993 (this version reissued on 2000’s "The Anthology…So Far"). The song, written by Elvis Costello was a hit for Edmunds in 1979.

Girlfriend by Paul McCartney – ***

First released: 1978

I think Paul should learn to stay away from the helium from this otherwise harmless song from "London Town". This was much better suited for Michael Jackson, who had a major UK hit with it on his "Off the Wall" album in 1979. Later, it was included on 2001’s "Wingspan".

Girl’s School by Paul McCartney – ***

First released: 1977

The b-side of "Mull of Kintyre" that has nothing really remarkable about it other than being a half-way decent rocker. It was later added to the "London Town" CD reissue.

Girl is Mine, The by Paul McCartney – **

First released: 1982

Arrgh! Painful…PAINFUL!! This is the most dreadful song to ever come off of one of the most best-selling popular albums of all time featuring the top talents in the industry, namely Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. The worst parts about it (i.e. “dog-gone” and the spoken dialogue at the end) are what McCartney (and the rest of the world) hated about the track and what Jackson loved. What a career killer for McCartney. It’s on Jackson’s "Thriller" and his "History" compilation for those wanting to hurt their ears, as well as a hit single and a one-sided single. It should have been a no-sided single.

Girl by The Beatles – ***

First released: 1965

Not a bad track, but not that great on the 1987 CD issue of "Rubber Soul" as it sounds like Lennon, McCartney and company are inflating a rubber raft for survival. The original mix is on the original album and also on "The Capitol Versions, Vol. 2". This was going to be a single in 1977 to promote the "Love Songs" compilation, but smarter minds prevailed. It probably wouldn’t have done very well at the time. It also appears on 1973's "1962-1966".

Gimme Some Truth by John Lennon – ****

First released: 1971

Lennon really tells ‘em off on this great track from "Imagine". It’s also on 1990’s "Lennon" and "Working Class Hero" from 2005, and "The U.S. vs. John Lennon" from 2006. A remixed version is on the import only "Peace, Love & Truth" from 2005. Lennon also demoed this in 1969 with The Beatles. That version has not been officially released.

Giddy by Paul McCartney – **


Paul McCartney song given to Roger Daltrey in 1977. It is unknown whether there is a Paul version. I haven't heard it.

Getting Closer by Paul McCartney – ***

First released: 1979

This was the first single off of Wings final album, "Back to the Egg". I really enjoy this song, but a lot of the flack about it at the time concerned the stupidity of the lyric “Say you don’t love him, my salamander”. I didn’t find this as offensive as others, but this apparently was a no-no at the time, despite McCartney releasing other animal-related songs in the past like "Morse Moose and the Grey Goose" and "Little Lamb Dragonfly". I tend to ignore McCartney’s forays into silly lyrics if the tune and the instrumentation are good, of which this does well on both counts.

Getting Better by The Beatles – ****

First released: 1967

Nice, bouncy "Sgt. Pepper" tune that makes that album one of the best ones they ever recorded. Great high voice harmonies, too. I think this is the first one that has a more “electric” sound to the guitar hits more than "She’s a Woman" did. Paul performs it live on 2002/3's "Back in the US/World".

Get Out of My Way by Paul McCartney – **

First released: 1993

More aggressive rocker from Paul and his "Off the Ground" album. Though it was officially released on the accompanying live album, "Paul is Live", it was played on the tour including a spirited version on "Saturday Night Live", complete with Linda on train whistle. It is still kind of average.

Get On the Right Thing by Paul McCartney - **

First released: 1973

Kind of a yawner from Paul's "Red Rose Speedway". It would probably have been better if it was a bit shorter.