Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Beatles Live at the BBC, The" by The Beatles – ****

First released: 1994

After years of speculation and numerous bootlegs, The Beatles finally issue their first all-new product since 1977’s "Live at the Hollywood Bowl". This one is even better. There were about 30 or so tunes that The Beatles recorded only for broadcast over the radio and since the performances were so good and most of them have no audience reaction, they sound as good as what you would hear on a regular recording. Strangely, The Beatles issued "Baby, It’s You" as the single. I would have issued "Soldier of Love" instead, since it was a totally original recording, not something that could be found in another version on another Beatles album. For true fans, this two-disc set isn’t enough. Completists should seek out the dubiously legal nine-disc set called "The Complete BBC Recordings".

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