Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blue Suede Shoes - all versions - ***

First released: 1970

Carl Perkins wrote and performed this classic piece of rock and roll, also covered by Elvis Presley in 1956. The Beatles ran through this song in 1969, but their version was not released until 1996 on "Anthology 3". When John Lennon agreed to do his bit for the Toronto Rock n’ Roll Revival, this was his opening number on "The Plastic Ono Band – Live Peace in Toronto 1969" released in 1970. Later, this live version was included on the Carl Perkins album "Go Cat Go" that featured the other three Beatles in separate performances with Perkins. It was also on 1990’s "Lennon" and "Instant Karma" from 2001.

George played it live with Perkins in 1985 on "Blue Suede Shoes: A Rockabilly Session".

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