Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back in the USSR by The Beatles – ****

First released: 1968

Another all-time favorite of mine, and one that probably should have been a single, but wasn’t, until 1976 in England no less. It opens up The Beatles “White Album” quite nicely. Ringo doesn’t play drums here, and Paul’s drumming is more determined than usual. The plane sound effect is used to great effect here. It's also on "1967-1970". It is also used for 2006's "Love". A demo snippet is featured on 2003's "Fly on the Wall".

Different live versions were performed by Paul on 1990’s "Tripping the Live Fantastic" and 2002/3's "Back in the US/World". Ringo finally did play drums on the song when he performed it live with The Beach Boys in 1984.

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