Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Somewhere in England" by George Harrison – ***

First released: 1981

This was the infamous George Harrison album that Warner Bros. told him to go back and rework. It’s amazing because although the new tracks are very good, the tracks they are replacing were good, too. I think "Blood From a Clone" explains the story quite well. When the CD was issued in 1991, it was very bare bones. When the CD reissue came out in 2004, it was hoped that the four replaced tracks would be returned to the lineup, but although the original artwork was reinstated, the tracks were not. All that was added was a demo version of "Save the World", which was nothing special. Here’s hoping that someday they’ll reissue it right. In the meantime, I am burning my own. "Tears of the World" did end up on the "33 1/3" CD reissue and "Lay His Head" was on the b-side of "Got My Mind Set on You" single and Japanese CD single. "Flying Hour" and "Sat Singing" have yet to see a standard commercial release of any sort, though they were both on the "Songs by George Harrison" bonus CD single. Thank God for bootlegs.

The cover art was originally supposed to be George’s profile blended into a map of England. That was replaced by a photo of George straight on standing in front of a painting of a sidewalk. As previously mentioned, the original planned artwork graced the 2004 edition. I like this album. Many don’t, but I do.

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