Monday, September 20, 2010

"Songs by George Harrison" by George Harrison – ****

First released: 1987 and 1992

Two-volume limited edition book set that features material by George similar to the mass-produced "I Me Mine". Both books had a bonus CD of previously unreleased material, some still unreleased to this day. The CD with "Volume 1" contained "Sat Singing", "Lay His Head", "For You Blue (Recorded live in Washington DC, December 1974)", "Flying Hour" and the CD with "Volume 2" contained "Life Itself (Demo Version)", "Hottest Gong in Town", "Tears of the World" and "Hari's on Tour Express (Recorded live in Washington DC in 1974)". It is a very handsome set and I hope they reissue it or the music tracks in a more accessible form. "Lay His Head" did get a brief release as the b-side to "Got My Mind Set on You" and "Tears of the World" became a bonus track on the "33 1/3" reissue.

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