Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Tug of War" by Paul McCartney – ****

First released: 1982

The first release from McCartney after the Lennon tragedy in 1980 and Harrison and Starr’s releases of 1981. Though nothing much really indicated that the tragedy had affected him other than the Here Today tribute song, in retrospect it seemed to be business as usual except that it wasn’t called a Wings album. Apparently, the "Pipes of Peace" tracks were recorded at the same time and like "McCartney II", I would like to see a double-album reissue as "War and Peace" featuring the unreleased songs and single b-sides added. As it turned out because of the way it was released, "Tug of War" came out as the stronger of the two albums, but if "Pipes of Peace" was included, people would have treated it as an epic release similar to how George’s "All Things Must Pass" was viewed.

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