Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Unfinished Music No. 1 – Two Virgins" by John Lennon – *

First released: 1968

Ok gang, purchase this at your own risk. This was definitely recorded and released at a time when Lennon was trying to push the limits of the Beatle-buying fan and really destroy the myth. He only partially succeeded. If he fully succeeded, you wouldn’t be reading this book right now. This is the notorious album that has John and Yoko fully nude on front and backsides on the cover. It was briefly rumored to be the cover of the upcoming Beatles album better known as the "White Album", in which all four Beatles were supposed to be nude. Now THAT would have been an interesting cover! As it turns out, Apple wasn’t terribly pleased, nor was Capitol or Parlophone and US distribution was turned over to Bill Cosby’s record label Tetragrammaton for distribution. Later it was reissued as a pseudo-bootleg on both vinyl and then CD, but at a much more affordable price than what the original was trading for and finally, Yoko reissued it properly in 1997 on Ryko Compact Discs adding "Remember Love", which was originally the b-side of "Give Peace a Chance".

Is it worth listening to? Well, if you like bird chirping and various assorted strange sounds, then it is ideal listening for you… The sad thing is that it charted a lot higher than most of Ringo’s later albums!!

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