Sunday, September 5, 2010

Slippin’ and Slidin’ by John Lennon – ****

First released: 1975

This Penniman/Bocage/Collins/Smith tune from John Lennon’s "Rock ‘n’ Roll" album was supposed to be the second single or the b-side. There was even a video made and a live performance of the song, but the single was never officially released, just promo copies. Little Richard released the original version in 1956. Lennon’s version would have been a great hit. It was also on 1990’s "Lennon" and "Instant Karma" from 2001. There’s also a demo version released on 1998’s "The John Lennon Anthology". Lennon also performed this live on "A Salute to Sir Lew Grade" in 1975, but this version has not been officially released. A version with minor alterations appeared on "The Old Grey Whistle Test" also in 1975. That version is now on DVD.

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