Saturday, December 11, 2010

When We Was Fab by George Harrison – ****

First released: 1987

From the "Cloud Nine" album and second single, this was a song that had to grow on me. I liked the idea that George was finally acknowledging his Beatle past, but I felt let down by the sound of it all. It originally sounded quite depressing to me. What really intrigued me was the video, which actually had a Beatles reunion in one scene! George and Ringo appear throughout, but there is one scene with a bass guitarist dressed as a walrus. Both Paul and George confirmed that this was indeed Paul in the costume. Then a passer by is carrying a photo of John Lennon while these characters are playing. Voila! Beatles reunion! Well, what else could you do in 1987…add your vocals to an unreleased Lennon recording? Naah…they wouldn’t do that! Also on "Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989" and 2009’s "Let it Roll – Songs by George Harrison", and an extended 12” version exists with a cheesy reverse end.

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