Monday, December 20, 2010

With a Little Luck by Paul McCartney – ****

First released: 1978

When I first became a Beatles fan, my mom bought me the 45 of this song for a present. I was so dumb and asked her, “Why did you buy me this?” She said, “Look who wrote it.” On the label it said, “McCartney”. I said, “Oh”, and plopped the record on my turntable. As soon as I heard the opening chords I said, “I know this song!” I just didn’t know McCartney was Wings and vice-verse. I’m not the brightest bulb. Shortly, thereafter I became a confirmed Beatles solo fan as I realized that there was good stuff that wasn’t officially by The Beatles, but sounded good nonetheless. That’s the purpose of this book also, to alert the reader of that fact. Soon, I purchased the entire "London Town" album because of this song. It also appears on 1978’s "Wings Greatest" and an edited version appears on and 1987’s "All The Best" and 2001’s Wingspan".

I wish he'd perform it live.

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