Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ya Ya by John Lennon – ***

First released: 1974

The first of two Lennon releases of this song first appeared on his "Walls and Bridges" album in which son Julian Lennon (in his recording debut) keeps time on the drum with pop as he quickly sings a half-hearted version of "Ya Ya" in order to accommodate lawyers requests for Lennon to record a song written by M. Robinson, L. Dorsey, and C.L. Lewis, due to a lyric infringement on "Come Together" in 1969. See, George wasn’t the only one to get into copyright problems (see "My Sweet Lord"). The lawyers weren’t impressed, so Lennon re-recorded a proper version for the following year’s "Rock ‘n’ Roll" album. Lee Dorsey had the original hit in 1961.

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