Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yesterday by The Beatles – ****

First released: 1965

Originally with a working title of "Scrambled Egg", "Yesterday" has gone on to be the most recorded song of all time. Very simple and very nice. It was a major hit single in the US and appeared on the UK version of "Help!", but didn’t make it to a US LP until 1966’s "Yesterday and Today". Later it appeared on 1973's "1962-1966". It's also on 2000's "1". A demo version and a live version appear on "Anthology 2" in 1996. It is also used for 2006's "Love".

This is one of the songs McCartney chose to remake in an inferior version for "Give My Regards to Broad Street" in 1984. There’s also a parody version dating from 1971 released on 1998’s "The John Lennon Anthology". Different live versions were performed by Paul and released on "Wings Over America" in 1976, 1990’s "Tripping the Live Fantastic", 2002/3's "Back in the US/World" and on 2009’s "Good Evening New York City".

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